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Breville Easy Clean Temperature control – Sound alerts – Easy to clean High end VIEW PRICE HERE!

Vonchef Compact Thermostatic temperature control – Clear window view – Non-stick Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Lakeland Compact Cool touch handle – Adjustable temperature – Window view Mid range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Igenix IG8012 Easy clean – 2 years free warranty – Adjustable temperature Mid range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Russell Hobbs 18238 Power indicator – Adjustable thermostat – External handle Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Top 5 Compact Deep Fat Fryers With A Removable Bowl

There was a time when deep fat frying was done on the hob in a big sauce pan, it was messy, and it didn’t smell nice – not forgetting the fact it wasn’t very safe because of oil spills. With the introductory of the low fat fat fryers, it meant less oily mess and a much better smelling environment within the kitchen – which made cooking chips a lot more enjoyable. Now there are several deep fat fryer brands on the market, but which ones are the best? Here we have a look at the top 5 products on the market and all of their handy features. Also have a look at the large deep fat fryers.

Breville Easy Clean Review – Our Number 1

Breville Easy Clean Deep FryerThe Breville brand has seen at least one of its products in most kitchens throughout the UK for years, and that’s because they always seem to come up with something better than all their rivals, and it’s not surprising to see why their own deep fat fryer is top of this list (VIEW PRICE HERE!) – here’s why:

  • Timers and sound alerts – Standing in the kitchen is boring waiting for food to cook, but with the implementation of the sound alerts this product provides means you can easily go about doing other household chores and this fryer will let you know once the food is ready.
  • Easy to clean – Breville made it their priority to design a product that was easy to clean and they have achieved that with this fryer thanks to its many components that are easily to dissemble.
  • Cleaner eating – This fryer comes with a rise and fall basket which will allow most of the oil to drain before serving the food.
  • Temperature control – Most fryers only come with one temperature setting and then you have to keep the food in for a shorter or longer period of time, but with this fryers temperature control you can change the temperature settings to suit your needs, giving you a better idea of when your food will be ready.

There isn’t a better small deep fat fryer on the market today which is why this Breville deep fat fryer is top of the list. It provides a lot of different features for a basic fryer and the price when compared with its rivals is unbeatable.


Features: Temperature control – Sound alerts – Easy to clean

Pricing: High end

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Vonchef Compact Review – Number 2

VonShef Compact 1.5L Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer with Observation WindowEveryone likes a deep fat fryer that can provide enough room for food to feed a family, and the Vonchef Compact deep fat fryer provides its users with a spacious 1.5L tub which is ample room for a generous portion of chips – here are a few other reasons why the Vonchef Compact may be your next deep fat fryer:

  • Observation window – This fryer provides a way for you to be able to check on the food without opening the lid, thus protecting you from any random oil splashes.
  • Non-stick coated pan – Included is a non-stick pan which makes life a lot easier when removing food and helps greatly when cleaning.
  • Thermostatic temperature control – You will easily be able to adjust the cooking temperature up to 190 degrees to suit your cooking requirements.
  • 2 year warranty – Vonchef will provide a 2 year warranty guarantee so if your deep fat fryer should encounter any problems within that time it will be repaired or replaced.

This Vonchef deep fat fryer is very affordable and it has all the features any other deep fat fryer has and a lot more, which is why this fryer is very well respected in second place.


Features: Thermostatic temperature control – Clear window view – Non-stick

Pricing: Affordable

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Lakeland Compact Review – Number 3

Lakeland Compact Stainless Steel Deep Fat Chip FryerThis Lakeland Deep Fat Fryer was specifically designed for cooking chips and has all the features to cook the best chips flawlessly. Here are a few reasons why this Lakeland product is in the top 5 small deep fat fryers money can buy:

  • Window view – Check how your chips are getting on safely from behind a clear window, this prevents any oil spills and from any heat escaping.
  • A compact fryer – A small fryer that is compact but still holds 1.5L of oil and 350g chips.
  • Cool touch handle – Another safety measure implemented by Lakeland is the cool touch handle, which means no matter how hot your chips get you’ll still be able to move them from the fryer safely thanks to the basket and the cool touch handle.
  • Adjustable temperature – A simple little fryer that lets you adjust the temperature to suit your food’s needs.

This Lakeland fryer might only be small, but it’s very effective and with features such as the window view and the cool touch handle – this product is well worth the money, you’ll find any excuse to cook chips just so you can use it.


Features: Cool touch handle – Adjustable temperature – Window view

Pricing: Mid range

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Igenix IG8012 Review – Number 4

Igenix IG8012 Stainless Steel Mini FryerThe Igenix IG8012 Stainless Steel Mini Fryer may only be able to fry 700 grams worth of food at any one time, but it’s perfect for small families looking for their first fryer. This fryer may only be a mini version of its competitors but it still does the job a lot of others can’t. Here are a few of the features this fryer provides:

  • View whilst cooking – There is a handy little window on top of its lid that will let you see what’s going on in the fryer. This will keep you safe and stops you opening the lid needlessly.
  • Adjustable temperature – Depending on what food you cook in this fryer will allow you to change the cooking temperature to suit, so you’ll always get tasty golden crispy food with every cook.
  • 2 years warranty – 2 years warranty gives you the chance to get this product repaired or replaced should anything go wrong, and for the price of this product is more reason to buy it with free warranty.
  • Easy clean – This product was designed with easy cleaning in mind, once you have finished with this product, you simply let the oil cool down and dissemble it which takes a minute, and you can easily chuck the components in the dishwasher.

This mini fryer is perfect for those wanting a simple fryer that they can use on a daily basis just to chuck some food in and let it do all the work for you.


Features: Easy clean – 2 years free warranty – Adjustable temperature

Pricing: Mid range

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Russell Hobbs 18238 Review – Number 5

Russell Hobbs 18238 Compact Deep FryerIf the name Russell Hobbs doesn’t make you want to buy this fryer, then maybe all the features it provides will. This fryer was manufactured by one of the most popular kitchen brands out there so you know you will always get value for money, and here are a few more features and reasons why the Russell Hobbs 18238 Compact Deep Fryer may be your next purchase:

  • Adjustable thermostat – You will know exactly when your food is going to be ready thanks to the adjustable thermostat control this fryer provides.
  • External handle – You will be able to safely remove food once cooked and ready to serve using the cool external handle this fryer provides.
  • Power indicator – You will know when it’s time to add your food to this fryer because it will show an indicator of when the oil is hot enough.
  • Versatile – This small fryer will not only cook chips but a lot of other food that can be fried, if it can fit in this compact fryer then you’ll be able to cook it.

This Russell Hobbs Fryer is only a small version of its competitors but is perfect for those single servings thanks to its 0.9L oil capacity and room for 350g of chips. It’s a very nice compact little fryer and does everything it needs to, to be in the top 5 small deep fryers around.


Features: Power indicator – Adjustable thermostat – External handle

Pricing: Affordable

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The Breville Easy Clean Deep Fryer is in top spot for multiple reasons and will take a lot from other competitors to compete with. It has so much more than the other fryers out there in terms of safety and an overall better cooking experience. It also provides components that are easy to take apart and clean, then put back together again.

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